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Latest Reviews

Studied in Tianjin, China

    10 out of 10

Every time I walked through our library called “Shaw Libraryâ€,which was donated by the most renowned film artist as well as philanthropist in Hong Kong,Run run Shaw,I was filled with pleasure and eagerness of knowledge -pursuing in my heart.TJUFE(my home university)was indeed the cradle to incubate esteemed talents…

Xianmeng Yin(Maggie) from China

Studied in Accra, Ghana

    8 out of 10

Located in a suburb that used to be on the outskirts of Accra, the University of Ghana has grown into a vibrant community and hence studying here will not be a mistake at all. Life is made basically easy as a freshman at UG. In fact, you will feel on cloud nine as everybody is almost scrambling over to help a freshman.

Anonymous student from Ghana

Studied at Xiamen University, China

    10 out of 10

Renowned as one of the best universities in China, Xiamen University, with a picturesque campus by the sea, is a wonderful place to study and live. Xiamen University is arguably the most enchanting university in mainland China, as the long queue of tourists lining up outside the gate every day during school vacations…

Anonymous student from China

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