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Latest Reviews

Studied in Enshi, China

    10 out of 10

Though Enshi is merely a small city and her university is not that famous, still I am always grateful for the four years I spent there and would treasure such wonderful memories by heart! I can recall that day when we just finished our oral English class, and I approached our foreign teacher- Nathan Turner,…

Mengli Deng from China

Studied at Bilkent University, Turkey

    1 out of 10

Those dormitories are a nightmare, the lessons also. How can you fit more than 4000 students in 26 dormitories. The lessons are a bit old fashioned , the professors do the talking and you do the listening.

Anonymous student from United States

Studied at Radboud University, Netherlands

    10 out of 10

My entire experience at Radboud University was awesome. As a prospective student at the time, I was impressed by the swift response of the international office to all my questions about studying at Radboud University. It is very remarkable how the international office of the university assists international students…

Aaron Ohene Buaben from Ghana

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