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I would recommend this university since apart from the essen...

Angelika Manasheva studied in

I would recommend this university since apart from the essential theoretical knowledge the university also provides to their student great opportunities in improving their practical skills. The laboratories are well equipped, have new technology, competent specialists and every student fins all the necessary support…

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The exchange was very well

Anonymous student studied Applied Sciences & Professions in Tampere, Finland

The exchange was very well organized before coming there, meanwhile and afterwards. The education system (in Finland) is very high and very advanced and specific in my area of expertise. The culture is , even though european, exotic and worth getting to know. Nature, culture and people in this country are wonderful.

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The only drawback of Tampere

Anonymous student studied in Tampere, Finland

The only drawback of Tampere were the people there. My general opinion about Finnish people is that they like to smile, give you directions but nothing more, you cannot be friends with them because they seem to be afraid or just act in a really bazar way. Everybody knows English there but they are so shy to speak it!…

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Finland is an expensive country but there are a lot of advan...

Anonymous student studied in

Finland is an expensive country but there are a lot of advantages for students. With the student card you can get discounts on public transport, trips, cinema, parties and also in some restaurants and cafeterias. That's why they are really helpful with students. Lunch at university costs 2,50 euros and you can get…

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Tampere is a really nice city, it has everything you need, h...

Anonymous student studied in

Tampere is a really nice city, it has everything you need, has some universities, so a lot of students live there and a lot of parties, trips and events are organised. Tampere is situated between two huge lakes, so the surrounding nature is amazing. In a few minutes from the center you can walk through the forest, on…

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Study experience: Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Aw Kar Yan
Studied in Tampere , Finland
Studied at: Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Study period: Aug '18 – Dec '18
Experience rating:
10 out of 10
Type of study: Bachelor
Nov '18

My experience during exchange period

During my exchange period in TAMK, I get to explore the city of tampere day and night view, such as the Halloween night, Vaprikki museum and Pyynikki observation tower. As in TAMK, the staffs and the students are friendly and helpful in completing courses. In the group project, I get to cooperate with other exchange students and explore the places to understand more about the places. Most of the courses in TAMK are online, which helps me to save times on transportation to TAMK. I also get to travel places that organized by CLINT and TAMKO, such TAMKO to Talinn and CLINT on Stockholm cruise. TAMK also provide a lot of activities which doesn't makes student feel bored in the university life. Overall, I am glad that I'm an exchange student in TAMK although it just for Autumn semester.

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