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The Whole Enchilada; study in Mexico

Sofia Nino de Rivera studied in Mexico City, Mexico

Narcos, corruption, crime, that is everything we read on the News about Mexico, but there is some much more to it. Give yourself the opportunity to fall in love! Fall in love with its food, landscaping, beaches, parties and Mexicans. This country has too much to offer with only a few adventurous foreign students taking…

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In comparison with other mexican universities, the Universit...

Anonymous student studied in Mexico

In comparison with other mexican universities, the University of Monterrey is really safe, because it is private university. Due to this fact, there is an awesome buddy programme, within a lot of trips, parties, etc. Also the University offers a wide range of classes and freetime activities, such as Gitarre class,…

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Tec de Monterrey

Anonymous student studied in Guadalajara, Mexico

Studying a bachelor degree in International Business at the TEC is one of the best decisions I have made. I was able to learn in a nice and international environment, as the university receives students from around the world each semester. I was also able to live the experience of studying one semester abroad thanks to…

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, a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Applied Mathematics...

Augusto Lecona studied in Mexico

, a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Applied Mathematics in UNAM, campus Acatlán, headquarters of the International Congress of Applied Mathematics and Computing Science (CIMAC) and host of the Mexican National Congress of Computational Technology and Informatics (CONATECI).

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As I said before some teachers are really good and they have...

Andrea Mendoza Martínez studied in Mexico

As I said before some teachers are really good and they have a high level at what they are teaching and sometimes they advice you to do stuff (some of them because they have had abroad experiences), I can't say much in general, but in my department that is the case. Still most teachers are extremely lay and sometimes…

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Study experience

Leslie Zarate
Study period: Aug '18 – Dec '18
Experience rating:
10 out of 10
Type of study: Bachelor
Nov '18

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

As bachelor student I have had a great experience at this university, I am studying international business and the program for this career I think is really complete and has a lot of interesting subjects. I had the opportunity to take all of my subjects in English language making me very easy to study here. Also, other thing that I liked of this university is that it has good social activities for exchange students and teacher are really nice. In general I truly recommend more students to come to Finland, finnish people are very kind and they are always willing to help if you need and life in this country is really peaceful, I really admire how everything works here and you can even notice a huge difference between Finland and other EU countries, not for any reason Finland has great quality of life and the highest results in education rankings. Finally, you can find nature everywhere, a lot of trees, lakes, and northern lights! Definitely a beautiful place to see and a great place to study.

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