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A Bachelor's Journey

Anonymous student studied in Kampala, Uganda

I am privileged to have studied a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Makerere University. From the Circuit Theory to the Engineering Maths modules not forgetting Electromagnetics and the challenging final year project, I cannot say it was a 4 year stroll but a journey that required commitment, tenacity,…

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Education at Makerere University

Anonymous student studied in Kampala, Uganda

Am proud to be honored with a B.A in Environmental management at Makerere University as the best university in Uganda. So far it was the best experience since this is where I learn't to be independent and do things on my own unlike high school and college where we were monitored on what we were doing at a…

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The Hill of Makerere

Stephen studied in Kampala, Uganda

Ask any random person in Uganda ask them what university they undertook their studies or they plan to study at , the most common 8/10 people will say Makerere. I was at Makerere University for 3 years while doing my under graduate degree and i must say the student life was wonderful and memorable.ill begin with the…

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MUGAGA JULIUS studied in Kampala, Uganda

Being awarded a scholarship for a bachelors science degree in biomedical engineering at Makerere UNIVERSITY, one of the prestigious and top universities on the African continent was a dream come true. However, this was not that obvious for i could end up having missed a life opportunity after my name being shortlisted…

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The Journey- Uganda to New South Wales

Roberta Jean-Marie Magoba studied in Kampala, Uganda

Uganda, the heart and the pearl of Africa, has been home to me my entire life. My name is Roberta Jean-Marie Magoba, 19 years old and I have studied in Uganda for my primary to High School Education. My Study experience has been a unique one, I say “has because I believe we are constantly learning. Most of life’s…

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Study experience: Makerere University

Studied in Kampala , Uganda
Studied at: Makerere University
Study period: Jul '13 – Feb '16
Experience rating:
10 out of 10
Type of study: Bachelor
Nov '17


When I graduated from Makerere University, I was open to opportunities that would challenge me positively for my professional development. I was open to voluntary work, new experiences that would bring new lessons and bring to reality what I had been taught in Psychology classes. I loved communication skills , stress management skills among other course units which promoted inter personal relation skills and so many skills that we experience in our day to day life. The course itself was so rejuvenating so I commend it for others to study it since it covers a wide scope of human behavior and how we can be able to interact with others in meaningful and respectful ways.

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