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The Hill of Makerere

Stephen studied in Kampala, Uganda

Ask any random person in Uganda ask them what university they undertook their studies or they plan to study at , the most common 8/10 people will say Makerere. I was at Makerere University for 3 years while doing my under graduate degree and i must say the student life was wonderful and memorable.ill begin with the…

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A Bachelor's Journey

Anonymous student studied in Kampala, Uganda

I am privileged to have studied a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Makerere University. From the Circuit Theory to the Engineering Maths modules not forgetting Electromagnetics and the challenging final year project, I cannot say it was a 4 year stroll but a journey that required commitment, tenacity,…

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Awesome Studying at Makerere

Alozious SSEMBATYA studied in Kampala, Uganda

Studying from Makerere University Kampala, is every East African and neighboring students' dream... while growing up I and majority of my friends thought 'Makerere' was a term to refer to a level of higher learning (university), and it was until my O' Level that I realized that actually it was just a…

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orishaba bless studied in Kampala, Uganda

Being a portent journalism in this global village is by choice. The sacrifices made most especially covering very risky stories in a particular subject matter has made this profession a distant choice for scholars. Citing examples from all over the world,,journalists have been, will be treated in any way pro various…

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The Journey- Uganda to New South Wales

Roberta Jean-Marie Magoba studied in Kampala, Uganda

Uganda, the heart and the pearl of Africa, has been home to me my entire life. My name is Roberta Jean-Marie Magoba, 19 years old and I have studied in Uganda for my primary to High School Education. My Study experience has been a unique one, I say “has because I believe we are constantly learning. Most of life’s…

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Study experience: Makerere University

Studied in Kampala , Uganda
Studied at: Makerere University
Study period: Oct '05 – Jan '11
Experience rating:
10 out of 10
Type of study: Bachelor
Aug '17

Education at Makerere University

Am proud to be honored with a B.A in Environmental management at Makerere University as the best university in Uganda. So far it was the best experience since this is where I learn't to be independent and do things on my own unlike high school and college where we were monitored on what we were doing at a particular time. I became more confident and inquisitive about results of each and every course work that I did especially with chemicals because these had effects, consequences and a background which you should have known how to defend otherwise your results would be void. This is the same place that awakened my desire to travel because it is a multi-national university, met a lot of foreign students who shared their cultures and I became interested to have a real feel of many of these Cultures. Now am in China and planning on my next Journey.

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