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Unreservedly recommend Ural Federal Uni.

Rogers studied in Ekaterinburg, Russia

Currently a student at Ural Federal State where I'm studying Mechanical Engineering. The university has a huge population of international students making it easy for one to settle in. The city, Ekaterinburg, is a fantastic city filled with numerous museums, cinemas, ballet and drama halls and art exhibition…

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Its not so expensive. If you are here and living like a stud...

Anonymous student studied in

Its not so expensive. If you are here and living like a student you will be manage your monthly expenses in between 100 dollars to 150 dollars. And the main thing that its depends on the wealth standing of the students.

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I I would like to prefer this university because the faculty...

Anonymous student studied in

I I would like to prefer this university because the faculty and buddies was very kind person and so helping. They always ready for help students even at any time. I don't know why i am starting them so much, may be i got a teachers and buddies like a family members.

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I recommend Yekaterinburg and Ural Federal University becaus...

Anonymous student studied in

I recommend Yekaterinburg and Ural Federal University because studying there is a great opportunity for the people willing to improve their Russian language. This university is internationaly open and it is very interesting to discover life in the Urals!…

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Amazing learning experience

Anonymous student studied Russian and Eurasian Studies (IMARES) in Saint Petersburg, Russia

The year at European University has been an amazing learning experience for me and a great start to a career in Russian Studies. The experience that I have received in the IMARES Program is incomparable to a similar Masters in Russian Studies in the States. I believe that it is unique compared to other similar…

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Study experience: Ural Federal University

Arseny Kropachev
Studied in Ekaterinburg , Russia
Studied at: Ural Federal University
Study period: Sep '09 – Jun '17
Experience rating:
10 out of 10
Type of study: Bachelor
Aug '17

Good level, Bachelor of Philosophy, Ural Federal University

Good Afternoon, I have finished high school in 2007, entered Ural Federal University in 2009 and got my Bachelors in 2017. It took me 10 years to get a degree. Although it was that long, I have got the worst of it. There was a renovation in 2011, when University changed its name, management and a lot of educators. Because of my fortune I have got two teams of educators: old professors, who taught me classical philosophy from 2009 to 2011, and they were real professionals, well-known among Russian scientists. I do appreciate Prof. Plotnikov, Prof. Zvirevich, Prof. Kemerov, Prof. Kislov and many others, because their knowledge of ancient Greek and Asian philosophy is great, there knowledge of logics and social philosophy is great, and they did very good work in teaching me and my classmates. I have left University in 2013, and continued my studies in 2016. That gave me an opportunity to see modern educators, and get an image of contemporary philosophy and notice big changes in study plans. The biggest advantage of my study was not the level and quantity of knowledge, but getting the right way of thinking and getting information from all the available sources. 2 semesters of studying logics, 4 semesters of studying theory of knowledge, 6 courses about philosophy and methodology of science, ethics and aesthetics, both 2 semesters are the most valuable courses. But it is not even 1/3 of all the knowledge I have got from my Bachelor degree. I do recommend such education for everyone, but it would be useless if You do not really want to advance Yourself, and focus just on skills. It is all about meaning of your life, its purpose. If You are interesting in getting deep understanding of life itself - feel welcome, but if You just want to get some knowledge, go find another program.

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