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Education in a developing country

Prince WilsonDe-Graft studied in Accra, Ghana

Ghana is one of the developing countries in the word known for its rich cultural diversity, democracy, agriculture and national peace. Studying here, in Ghana's premier university; the University of Ghana, School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences, on the Medical laboratory science programme was a step in…

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NANA AMA OBENG NTI studied in Accra, Ghana

Though I have never experience the feeling of studying in a country besides my home country-Ghana, I could boldly say my four years journey in University of Ghana as an undergraduate student has partially created the foundation for me to know how it feels to stay away from home and getting attached to a whole lot of…

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My Time Studying Finance

Anonymous student studied in Accra, Ghana

I started my course in September, 2011. I had high expectations of what I thought I would learn but I soon found out I hadn't done my homework well and I was about to be disappointed. From the beginning, all business students study the same subjects together for the first 2 years of the course before breaking into…

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GEORGE studied in Accra, Ghana

i was posted at the Societe Generale ltd, one of the most popular and best banking institution in my country. i gained a lot of working experience because of the nature of the working environment and the kind of supervision at the work place. Many of my colleges who were posted to some areas like the government…

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It may be helpful to talk to someone who has attended Univer...

COLLINS OBENG studied in Ghana

It may be helpful to talk to someone who has attended University Of Ghana (either undergraduate/postgraduate) and get a feel for what studying might be like and what it may involve as well as the potential rewards and challenges that you may encounter. Try to develop realistic expectations as to what may be…

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Study experience

Studied in Accra , Ghana
Study period: Aug '09 – May '13
Experience rating:
8 out of 10
Type of study: Bachelor
Jun '17

Located in a suburb that used to be on the outskirts of Accra, the University of Ghana has grown into a vibrant community and hence studying here will not be a mistake at all. Life is made basically easy as a freshman at UG. In fact, you will feel on cloud nine as everybody is almost scrambling over to help a freshman. The university management make it a priority to give every freshman a hall residence. The halls of residence are mostly located right in the middle of campus and cannot be too far from the department where the student will be studying. Getting to the crust of going to the university which is basically academics, it is basically treated as the golden goose of UG. Mess with your academics and nobody will want to be your friend not even your shadow. The departments are well structured with state of the art teaching and learning equipment. Libraries are adequate and study rooms as well. Though, they do not seem enough when exams is around the corner. The lecturers are well versed in their areas of expertise and are able to break down the most complex courses for their students. They are committed to ensuring that the students only produce the best of grades. The downside about studying at UG is basically the unfriendly nature of the staff at the Registrar’s office. Throughout my four year stay at the university, I had three experiences at the Registrar’s office and they were all not pleasant. The staff are not willing to help students without whom they would not have a job in the first place. They seem to have prejudiced minds about students thinking them to be cunning and up to no good. In conclusion, the University of Ghana is not a bad place to study. In fact, it is one of the best universities to enroll in Ghana. The quality of training given here prepares the student well for any job outside of school.

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