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Studied at the George Washington University, Washington DC

Anonymous student studied in Washington, D. C., United States

For the student unsure of what they'll find: contrary to popular belief, DC is not all politics and white collars. After almost two years of studying, I see that it is everything, including that. There is music and dance, artwork and corners that hold hundreds of years of secrets. GW has allowed me to take a peak…

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Studying abroad in Washington DC at GWU!, USA

Marina Rodríguez studied in Washington, D. C., United States

Studying at George Washington Univesity for a year has been a great experience. I studied my junior year of Biochemistry there. I certainly got to learn a lot thanks to the professors I had in the different classes I took. There is a lot of variety and I managed to choose what I was more interested in. Also the…

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Studies in Washington, USA

Marina Rodríguez studied in Washington, D. C., United States

Studying at George Washington University for a year was a great experience. I studied there my junior year of Biochemistry, the classes I took and the lab experience I was able to get there was fantastic. The Professors at the university as well as the infrastructure, made it easy for me to learn so much about my…

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Learning how to learn

Tara studied in Washington, D. C., United States

One think that GWU has taught me is how to best learn the material in classes, and present what I have learned, especially in paper form. I have been able to impress a large number of professors with my ability to analysis and apply class topics across disciples. GWU university writing and other introductory classes…

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International student studied in Washington DC

Anonymous student studied in Washington, D. C., United States

I studied at Howard University in Washington DC, USA and it was the best and most memorable college experience I could hope for. I have asked tons of friends who studied at different universities all over the US, Canada and the Caribbean and I can wholeheartedly say that HU provided the most welcoming and 'home…

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Study experience: George Washington University

Studied at: George Washington University
Study period: Aug '15 – May '17
Experience rating:
4 out of 10
Type of study: Master
Jan '17

Master's courses are rote memorization

The only challenge that BI offers is to test one's ability to memorize course material. The only valuable metric in determining whether a student gains a good grade is the ability to memorize very short, specific answers to very broad questions on final exam that counts for between 60-100% of your final grade. Projects could be skipped in favor of doing well on the final exam in most classes (at least in economics and finance). The expectations of the students seems to be limited to those who have zero work experience and who have just graduated with their bachelor degree - it feels more like the 5th or 6th year of a quantitative BBA. There are no deeper insights from the professors provided, not requested from students. The function of the thesis works as a reproduction of what the school wants students to memorize, coupled with number wrangling. I don't think NOKUT nor BI understand that Finance is not a science, nor is economics, nor that algebraic proofs do not make a science. It would be better for BI to enable students to apply theory to methods in the first semester, and take anempirical approach rather than enforce memorization of theoretical meandering via algebraic proofs. Finance can no more become physics than psychology can.

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