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20 reviews about Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School. Global. Practical. Top-ranked.

Find and read reviews and study experiences written about Hult International Business School. If you're interested in reviews about Hult International Business School you can view all 20 reviews.

Latest Reviews

Studied in Enshi, China

Though Enshi is merely a small city and her university is not that famous, still I am always grateful for the four years I spent there and would treasure such wonderful memories by heart! I can recall that day when we just finished our oral English class, and I approached our foreign teacher- Nathan Turner,…

Mengli Deng from China

Studied at The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The glass door behind me at the Dhaka International airport created a difference between thousand miles and three years of experience; they were all sad and I on the other hand was bursting out of excitement of exploring the world. It was a chance of studying aboard in United Kingdom at the University of Manchester,…

Sharmin Sharna from Bangladesh

Studied in Bandung, Indonesia

A very reputable university in Indonesia, particularly its Law Faculty, with the lecturers that are undoubtedly one(s) of the most prominent in Indonesia, if not in the world, for the fact that many of their books and/or journals have been circulated globally. Both students and lecturers are also often involved in…

Herisca Putri from Indonesia