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20 reviews about Hult International Business School

Hult is a new kind of business school for the global generation. Complete a one-year Masters while immersing yourself in up to three of the world’s most influential cities—Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, New York, or Shanghai. Graduate with a global network and a vision that transcends borders by studying alongside students from over 150 nationalities.

Find and read reviews and study experiences written about Hult International Business School. If you're interested in reviews about Hult International Business School you can view all 20 reviews.

Latest Reviews

Studied at Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

I studied a 4 year undergraduate degree in design in Colombia. I'm currently doing the PSSD Laurea Magistrale at PoliMi and I'm really disappointed. First of all, the professors and all the school's structure is a mess. Professors are rely disorganized, they never give the complete information about…

Anonymous student from Colombia

Studied at Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Finland is an advanced country in term of education. When you are at the university everything is done to provide you the best in every field: studying as well as living on the campus. Studying there is a huge opportunity. Just go!!…

Anonymous student from France

Studied in Besançon, France

DO NOT, I REPEAT- DO NOT STAY AT CROUS. A teeny-tiny room where you'll want to die because of how cold it is in the mornings...everyone, and i mean everyone(!) is smoking in their rooms so the halway always stinks. the "kitchen"consists of 2 hot plates for the whole floor, it it always dirty and disgusting…

Anonymous student from Russia