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228 reviews about University of Vaasa

University of Vaasa is a multidisciplinary University with more than 5,000 students and it offers degrees at all academic levels from Bachelor to Master and Doctor. Approximately 12 per cent of the students and 20 per cent of the academic staff are international, coming from all around the world. As a young and therefore flexible institution the University is able to adapt to the times. The language of instruction in the international Master’s programmes and several other courses is English. Welcome aboard!

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Studied at University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

I studied msc economics. The amount of workload is much more than a lot! They have made the program extremely hard! As if you are studying in another planet! On the other side, the professors just have fund and chill in the class, they come unprepared and lack the English language proficiency! When you ask questions,…

Anonymous student from Australia

Studied at HEC Paris School of Management, France

The HEC - Oxford Consulting and Coaching for Change Executive Master's was one of the worst programs I have ever participated in - and I have participated in MANY worldwide. The program reflected the shallowness of the Directors and the arrogance of the institutions. It was a badly constructed program - the…

Dr. Frances Tsakonas from United Kingdom

Studied at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

I studied health information technology…

Nooshin from Iran