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Studied at Università Della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Switzerland

    10 out of 10

The Master in Economic Policy at USI has all the benefits a student might require for. Top professors, with who you can have a wonderful direct relationship. They allow you to reach an high level of knowledge in all the modern economic theories and I became confident with advanced econometrics models and the usage of…

Pietro Cesaro from Italy

Studied at Maastricht University, Netherlands

    5 out of 10

Positive points about UM: 1. The city is beautiful and has everything that is needed. The center is very charming and has many shops to spend a good time with friends. The best of the city is undoubtably the river. The nightlife is also excellent. Maastricht has cool pubs and nightclubs for every taste. 2. You…

Anonymous student from France

Studied at University of Auckland, New Zealand

    1 out of 10

As an International Student - I have had a very difficult experience at the University of Auckland. Often advertised as “num 1 in NZ” it leaves me wondering how bad the rest are!? I’ve had a terrible experience with accomodation - Kiwis like to insist they are not racist, I would disagree now based on my experience…

Anonymous student from United Arab Emirates

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