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Studied in Bremerhaven, Germany

    10 out of 10

I am a Colombian, during my degree here in Colombia the University gave me the chance to study in Germany, I took it without thinking. But I never expected the cultural shock to be so big, so I lift you a couple of tips if you are planning to move to Germany: 1. You should not clap after a class or presentation, the…

Catalina Rodriguez from Colombia

Studied in Bamenda, Cameroon

    10 out of 10

Education in Cameroon is mainly attributed to the rich its like the poor have no place, due lack of scholarships and even when an opportunity comes one has to pay huge some of money as bribe before thinking to considere. No Wanda many students seek for scholarship to go abroad because even if one obtained the…

muluh senet from Cameroon

Studied in Offa, Nigeria

    9 out of 10

I had a wonderful experience at Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, where I studied Mechatronics Engineering. The school is located in an area with a moderate cost of living and the population of students is just over 3000, enable students to have an excellent student-teacher relationship.

Anonymous student from Nigeria

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